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Welcome to GreenStream, a demonstration project using some of the most current and best green building practices. And yes, we are using a 1978 Airstream as our classroom!


We believe that while the green movement has been effective in make headway among “the choir,” there are many people, products, and places that have been excluded from the green movement (and more importantly from the benefits of being green!).  By using an Airstream as a mobile classroom (reality based!), we can more effectively reach and demonstrate to untapped audiences the effectiveness, costs, and ease of being green.  The compact form and mobile efficiency of an Airstream also stand out in stark contrast to the monster-living ethics that many people have been drawn to. By offering a contemporary, comfortable and fun alternative, we hope that the idea of green can become more easily embraced and incorporated into any living situation.

Finally, the Airstream is the classic road vehicle unmatched in it’s elegance, simplicity, and ultimately – existing greenness (besides its aerodynamic design, it’s aluminum, steel, and wood construction means that all parts are recyclable!).


The GreenStream project will entail:

  • Demolition and recycling of the original 1978 interior
  • Interior redesign that will appeal to contemporary styles
  • Reconstruction using a variety of the latest and greatest green materials
  • External restoration to it’s original grandeur
  • Winterization for full livability
  • 2011 Road tour to the best green conferences in the U.S. (i.e. Green Festivals, West Coast Green, Taos Solar Music Fest, etc)!!
  • Stops at some of the great RV shows in the nation!

Come back monthly for updates, information, and progress on the GreenStream project!  Feel free to send us your general comments, thoughts or questions on our Contact page.  If you have specific suggestions, ideas or general comments you like to share about the project. Join the comment and discussion threads on our Renovation and Tour pages.

Come back soon for more updates on our calendar!!!